Home Comfort + Dr. Martin Schwarz (without mouth trays)

Dr. Martin Schwarz Home Comfort+ is a two-component at-home teeth-whitening product. The unique formula of both components: activator and whitener, enables the effective removal of organic discolorations, which occur as a result of drinking coffee or wine and smoking cigarettes, in a way that is safe for the tooth enamel. The effects of Dr. Martin Schwarz Home Comfort+ teeth whitening method are noticeable after the very first application.

Brand: Dr. Martin Schwarz

GTIN: 4260625160022

MPN: 4260625160022


Dr. Martin Schwarz HOME COMFORT+ is a two-component product intended for at home teeth whitening treatment. The innovative formula makes it possible to effectively remove discoloration and plaque in a way that is completely safe for enamel.

Dr. Martin Schwarz HOME COMFORT + is an oxidation treatment which eliminates colored organic contaminants and returns teeth to their natural shade of white. The effects of Dr. Martin Schwarz HOME COMFORT+ system have been directed exclusively at natural teeth, so that its application does not to effect changes to the color of fillings, veneers and crowns.

The presence of an adequate amount of water in the formula of Dr. Martin Schwarz HOME COMFORT+ whitening system prevents the drying of teeth subjected to teeth whitening treatment, while the presence of glycerol prevents post-treatment tooth sensitivity.

It has been scientifically proven that an excessive amount of fluoride absorbed by an organism significantly increase the risk of fluorosis. The components of Dr. Martin Schwarz HOME COMFORT+ do not contain fluoride compounds, which in the case of, e.g. the simultaneous regular use of fluoride containing toothpaste or consumption of fluoridated water makes it possible to avoid contact with excessive amounts of this microelement.

The kit contains:

  • a package of activating substance which also removes plaque,
  • a package with the whitening agent,
  • instructions of use,

The composition according to INCI:

  • Activator: Glycerol, Sodium bicarbonate, Water, Carboxymethyl cellulose, Polysorbate 80, Menthol
  • Whitener: Glycerol, Sodium percarbonate, Water, EDTA, Carboxymethyl cellulose, Menthol
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