Dr. Martin Schwarz

Bioscaling - dental gel for unwanted microorganism removal.

Bioscaling is a particularly effective tool in removing dental plaque, bacteria, viruses and fungus because its innovative formula targets and significantly reduces the number of micro-organism, as well as mineral and organic deposits in the oral cavity. Bioscaling effectively removes unwanted microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungus due to the special formula of micro-crystalline sodium bicarbonate and glycerol. Thoroughly cleaning the teeth with Bioscaling gel, disinfects your mouth and keeps your teeth and smile looking great.

- Bioscaling disinfects your mouth by removing viruses, bacteria and fungus
- Reduces the causes of tartar
- Product reduces the risk of periodontal diseases (e.g., periodontosis)
- It refreshes the breath
- The gel might be applied on mouth trays or on the toothbrush with toothpaste for brushing session.


Antibacterial dental gel for teeth – Bioscaling is a product intended for independent and non-invasive removal of dental plaque from teeth as well as unwanated mirco-organisms removal. The method is completely safe for both: teeth and enamel.

Unique antiseptic properties of Bioscaling formula, cause the slowdown of negative biochemical processes occurring in the oral cavity. Usually, these unwanted mechanisms triggered by bacterial adhesion are the main source of microbial biofilm formation.

The product effectively reduces the number of micro-orgnisms (bacteria, viruses and fungus) accumulated on the surface of the teeth and prevents the creation of biofilm, which unremoved – leads to the formation of dental calculus. Antispetic properties of Bioscaling gel removes unwated micro-orgamism from the mouth

How does it work?

Formula of Bioscaling gel was developed for effective reducing teeth plaque and restoration of natural pH in mouth. However, the active ingredients of Bioscaling also reduces of microbial collonies in the mouth. Due to high concentration of sodium bicarbonate the gel is extremely effective against viruses (like herpesviruses) and retroviruses (like coronaviruses). Bioscaling denaturates and partially hydrolysates proteins in capsomere shields of viruses making them permanently inactive.  Another active ingredient of Bioscaling – polysorbate 80 is responsible for decomposition of lipid membrane surrounding gram-plus and gram-minus bacteria. Lipid membrane deshielded bacterial cells became prone to decomposition caused by sodium bicarbonate molecules.

Bioscaling eliminates colonies of bacteria and microorganisms responsible for generating bacterial stains on the surface of the teeth, which if not removed – becomes a subject of the mineralization process and leads to tartar formation. The regular use of Bioscaling prevents the accumulation of unwanted substances on the surface of the teeth, counteracts the formation of dental deposits, and in the long-term prevents the formation of dental calculus – which otherwise has to be removed by dental scaling.

Precisely tailored proportions of Bioscaling ingredients, grant its cleansing properties and restore oral cavity’s natural pH. Bioscaling helps to maintain good oral hygiene, prevent bacterial stains to be accumulated, which otherwise can also lead to unpleasant breath odor. Regular use of antibacterial Bioscaling gel reduces the presence of harmful bacteria in the mouth, and thus prevent occurring other periodontal diseases (such as periodontosis), refreshes the breath and speeds up the recovery from already undergone common respiratory diseases.

Due to the appropriately selected proportion of microcrystalline sodium bicarbonate and glycerol, Biocaling helps to maintain the optimal bacterial flora in the oral cavity and supports proper functioning of teeth and gums. Its antiseptic properties are peculiarly propitious in preventing recurrent bacterial infections of the mouth. Removing undesired bacteria from the teeth with the use of Bioscaling gel radically improves the effectiveness of teeth whitening product such as whitening toothpaste, teeth whitening gels and professional whitening products used in dental clinics.


Set contains:

  •      2 syringes of 5 ml Bioscaling, which will provide several plaque removal sessions.
  •      User manual
  •      The set does not include trays for lips

Composition according to INCI:

Glycerol, sodium bicarbonate, water, carboxymethyl cellulose, polysorbate 80, menthol