Teeth whitening gel Expert 20% Dr. Martin Schwarz

Dr. Martin Schwarz Expert 20% is a product for whitening sensitive teeth with mouth trays according to dentist instructions, or for whitening treatment in dental offices and beauty salons.

Dr. Martin Schwarz Expert 20% Gel oxidizes organic pigment resulting in the visible removal of tooth discolourations – without irritating them. The result of the treatment is visible after the very first 30 min long session, and the whole cycle brightens teeth usually 3-5 tons. The product is safe for the teeth and enamel.

-the final result of brightening the teeth is usually 3-5 shades difference the whitening session lasts 30 minutes and the procedure cycle cannot be longer than 12 days

- 5 ml of the gel is enough for several whitening sessions of both dental arches

- the result is visible after the first whitening session, which can be carried out at home according to the dentist’s instructions.

- pain and hypersensitivity effects do not occur or occur sporadically, therefore, Expert 20% is suitable for individuals with sensitive teeth.

Brand: Dr. Martin Schwarz

GTIN: 4260625160039

MPN: 4260625160039


Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 20% whitening is a whitening gel for sensitive teeth. The Expert 20% is suitable for mouth trays whitening at home under the guidance of a dentist, or in dental clinics. The effect of the whitening gel Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 20% is based on the oxidation of organic pigments present in products such as wine, tea, coffee, tetracycline etc. The selective degradation of these substances by Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 20% allows to eliminate unwanted discoloration of teeth, while protecting sensitive teeth.

Specialists from Dr. Martin Schwarz Laboratories in collaboration with dental clinics have created a unique formula of Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 20% gel, which characterizes teeth whitening properties and enamel protective features. The effects of Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT’s 20% gel also lacks of a number of imperfections that may occur with similar products of other brands .

How does Expert 20% work?

The formula of the preparation Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 20% allows to quickly and effectively achieve the effect of white teeth without the need for additional devices and lamps raising the risk of thermal damage to the enamel.

Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 20% due to the appropriate proportions of water, moisteners and auxiliary active substances, also counteracts the effect of drying teeth.

The implementation of precisely chosen concentrations of potassium nitrate, glycerol and Carbamide released during the whitening process – radically reduces post-treatment tooth hypersensitivity, making it small and only occasionally occurring. The interaction of these substances in many cases completely eliminates the effect of post-treatment tooth hypersensitivity.

Tooth discoloration is a common symptom of fluorosis, a disease caused by an excessive amount of fluoride ions assimilated by the body. Fluoride is a microelement that improves the condition of the enamel, but its excess produces adverse health symptoms. Due to the fact that the EXPERT 20% gel does not contain fluoride – the whitening treatment does not increase the risk of developing fluorosis.

Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT Whitening gel 20% prevents demineralization of tooth enamel, observed during treatment with preparations with a pH lower than 7.

The set includes:

Syringe with 5 ml of Expert 20% gel, which is enough for several whitening sessions.
Instruction manual
The kit does not include mouth trays

Composition according to INCI:

Glycerol, Carbamide Peroxide, Water, Carbomer, Potassium Nitrate, EDTA, Menthol

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