Flexi Trays - Thermoforming mouth trays

Flexi Trays by Dr. Martin Schwarz is a set of thermo forming mouth trays for teeth whitening gels and other dental gels. Product is easy to be adjusted to users teeth shape, due to its thermo fitting properties. After being moulded, mouth trays deliver the gel to the teeth surface for aesthetic & dental purposes.

- easy & fast fit
- suitable for different dental gels
- suitable for a multiple use
- safe & convenient use

Brand: Dr. Martin Schwarz

GTIN: 4260625160107

MPN: 4260625160107


Flexi Trays – Thermo forming mouth trays for teeth whitening gel and other dental gels.

(The set does not contain a gel))

Flexi Trays by Dr. Martin Schwarz are thermoplastic mouth trays for dental gels distribution on the teeth surface. The product is made of premium, food-grade ingredients, therefore it’s safe for use. Mouth trays do not contain BTL and Phthalate. Thermo-fitting properties of Flexi Trays are developed due to the implementation of innovative Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Formula, which allows instant trays moulding. The procedure is easy, fast and can be successfully carried out independently at home. After fitting procedure the trays might be used for keeping various dental gels with an intention to distribute and apply them on teeth surface for various reasons.

  • This is the why Flexi Trays a sometimes called:
  • Thermoforming mouth trays for teeth whitening gels
  • Thermo fitting dental trays for desensitising gels
  • Thermoplastic mouth trays for antibacterial dental gels

How does Flexi Trays set work?

Thermo-fitting mouth trays – Tlexi Trays are meant to keep and distribute dental specimen on users teeth. To do so, the product should be placed in hot water for 5-8 seconds for moulding – in accordance with Flexi Trays instruction manual. When the trays fit users teeth properly, dental gel shall be applied into the trays and trays shall be placed on the user’s teeth arches accordingly. As different dental gels might require different treatment time & application steps – instructions for use of applied gel should be followed. Flexi Trays are meant to be used for a few times only.

The set includes:

  • 2 mouth trays.
  • Tray container.
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