Teeth whitening gel Expert 38% Dr. Martin Schwarz

Dr. Martin Schwarz Expert 38% is a product with intensive whitening properties due to the use of carbamide peroxide. It is intended for teeth whitening treatment at home with the guidance of a dentist or in specialised dental offices.

The Dr. Martin Schwarz Expert 38% line was created for individuals who expect impressive and immediate whitening results. Completing the whole treatment cycle brightens teeth usually 4-8 shades, but the visible results are achieved after the very first 30 min long session. Expert 38% is safe for the teeth and enamel.

- whitening results are usually 4 to 8 shades

- the whitening session lasts 30 minutes and the procedure cycle cannot be longer than 12 days

- 5 ml of the gel is enough for several whitening sessions of both dental arches
- the result is visible after the first whitening session, which can be carried out at home according to the dentist’s instructions.

- pain and hypersensitivity effects are minimal and happen sporadically

Brand: Dr. Martin Schwarz

GTIN: 4260625160060

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Expert 38% – Professional teeth whitening gel for brightening teeth at home with mouth trays 

(The set does not contain mouth trays) 

Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 38% is a gel characterized by intense tooth whitening properties. The product is intended for teeth whitening procedures using the mouth tray method at home – according to instructions given by the dentist. It also works well during professional teeth whitening treatments in specialised dental and cosmetic offices. EXPERT 38% formula containing a precisely selected concentration of carbamide peroxide allows for quick and effective teeth whitening, offering results similar to the procedure of teeth whitening at dental clinics. For this reason, Expert 38% is addressed to people expecting a thorough brightening of teeth colour quickly and effectively.

The Expert 38% gel does not require undertaking the treatment with specialised and expensive lamps, that pose a risk of overheating of the teeth enamel during the course of the whitening procedure. 

How does Expert 38% work? 

A 30-minute session of teeth whitening with Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 38% causes oxidation and elimination of unwanted organic pigments associated with tooth enamel (coffee, tea, wine, tetracycline etc.) providing an immediate, visible result.

Collaboration with centres carrying out professional teeth whitening treatments has allowed specialists from Dr. Martin Schwarz’s laboratories to develop a unique formula of gel possessing strong whitening properties and thus deprived of a series of shortcomings found in other products.

Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 38% is characterized by a slightly basic pH preventing the demineralization of enamel which can take place in the case of using products with a pH of under 7 (acidic environment).

Dr. Martin Schwarz EXPERT 38% whitening gel does not contain fluoride and its use does not increase the risk of the occurrence of fluorosis connected with an excessive exposition of the patient to this microelement.

The product contains an adequate amount of water which prevents the drying out of teeth subjected to whitening treatment. The simultaneous effect of potassium nitrate, glycerol and carbamide (realized during the whitening treatment) of precisely selected concentrations have resulted in post-treatment tooth sensitivity being minor and occurring only sporadically.

The set includes:

  • A syringe with 5 ml of Expert 38%, enough for several whitening sessions.
  • Instructional manual.
  • The set does not include mouth trays.

The composition according to INCI:

Glycerol, Carbamide peroxide, Water, Carbomer, Potassium Nitrate, EDTA, Menthol (flavour)

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